Our story

We are a small family business.
A couple of designers with a slightly offbeat approach to life.

A decade ago we swapped the city for a house in the country and turned our lives upside down! It was a good decision – we can’t imagine life without our vegetable garden, chickens in the backyard and proximity to woods and meadows.
We value peace and contact with nature as the basis for a happy life. In silence it is easier to hear thoughts and to awaken creativity every day. Creativity, together with craftsmanship, is our second foundation for a balanced life.

We want to share these incomparable values with you.
The joy of being creative and the satisfaction of seeing the tangible fruits of your own creative work.

Our patterns allow you to create masks, sculptures and other paper wonders in the privacy or busyness of your own home, adapting them to your own imagination and needs.
Making these crafts is a wonderful way to spend time with your family, friends and your unique and only self.

We use natural, environmentally friendly materials and create products that are designed and manufactured to be sustainable or simply harmless to the environment.
We want to take our mission out into the world.

Monika SMaga
Designer, Owner

Krzysztof Smaga
Designer, beekeeper

Forest friends
life enthusiasts